Reaching the final of The Great Pottery Throw Down made me a much better potter. I learned about new techniques and since then have been experimenting with them, this time without the clock ticking away in front of me. I loved making the wash basin (below right), the 5 foot garden sculpture and a slip cast chandelier, but I really enjoyed throwing the nesting kitchen bowls, that was a real challenge (below left, 2 days before filming started). 

Many people have told me how much they like my painterly style of decoration on the bowls and that they would like a set for themselves. There is something very satisfying about creating a happily nesting set of forms and the fact that they're functional as well is even better. So, I've turned the shed into a pottery and I'm throwing as much as I can to meet the demand. I still go to an evening class in Farnham, but I'm filling in all the gaps in my work schedule with clay and I've also started teaching pottery at home, I'm so proud of the results so far. 

Playing with clay is a simple pleasure and I would encourage everyone to have a go. There is always more to learn when it comes to the creation of ceramics.


Photo credit: Petersfield Post